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Mfg Part Number:2824042 Manufacturer: Colt's Mfg Company LLC Model: AR-15

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The Colt 9mm Submachine Gun (SMG) is exceptionally well-suited for law enforcement organizations requiring a lightweight, compact, highly-concealable, select fire weapon system for close confrontations. It is constructed with a modular rail system that allows for the easy mounting of ancillary devices, fires from a closed bolt, has a collapsible buttstock, and is easily field-stripped without the need for any special tools. The straight-line construction, coupled with the low recoil of 9mm ammunition, provides highly accurate fire with less muzzle climb, especially in full automatic fire. Less recoil also facilitates ease of training and improves accuracy. The effective range of the Colt AR6951 is 100 meters.

Colt AR-15 9mm
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9 mm

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