Hoppe's GunMedic Cleaner Lube 10oz


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Mfg Part Number:1700071 Manufacturer: Hoppe's

The Hoppe's state-of-the-art Gun Medic Cleaner + Lube was developed to resuscitate the dirtiest firearms from malfunctions caused by build-up of gun powder, lubricant, and grime. When seconds count to get you back in action, the unrivaled Gun Medic "All-in-One" formula cleans the actions of firearms and leaves behind a thin layer of high-performance lubrication, protecting against the most punishing corrosion. Because a clean firearm is a more accurate firearm, Gun Medic can save your day at the range.

  • Great for a quick clean when you don't have time for the deep clean
  • Cleanses and lubricates in one step
  • Cleanser evaporates in 60 seconds
  • Leaves an extremely thin layer of lube
  • Lubricant utilizes the same technology used in jet propulsion engines
  • Cold/Heat resistant -65°F to +500°F
Hoppe's GunMedic CleanLube 10oz
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