JM SMP V3 Staccato/2011


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Mfg Part Number:3124015 Manufacturer: JM Custom Kydex Size: RH

Our Single Mag Pouch Version 3 is a very low profile mag carrier that is designed to be worn outside the waistband on your weak hand side. Bullets are pointed forward and it has a retention screw for adjustable retention. Can be ordered with our JM Concealment Clip (1.5” only) which is designed for thinner nylon belts and pulls the mag in tighter to the body and has fins on the inside to keep the pouch from sliding horizontally along the belt. Can also be order with a normal clip for thicker leather belts (1.5" and 1.75") or for those that want the mag pouch to ride off the body just a bit. This is an easy on/off pouch that doesn’t need to be threaded off the belt. A very simple and efficient design.

JM SMP V3 Staccato/2011
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