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"Adressing the head and hoof of the subject, and everything in between the matters, Jeff Cooper's The Art of the Rifle must henceforth be the heart of the thinking rifleman's library." -Finn Aagaard\n\n"One of the greatest firearms instructors the world has ever known has given us his priceless legacy on the very real art of the rifle. Recommended without reservations of any kind..." -Soldier of Fortune\n\n"The Art of the Rifle is recommended reading for any marine responsible for providing marksmanship instruction... Furthermore, it should be included in every scout sniper platoon library." -Marine Corps Gazette\n\n"Reading Cooper will probably cause you to examine many of your beliefs --0r I doubt he would consider the work to have been a success." -The Police Marksman\n\n"The Art of the Rifle differs from similar books in that it is terse, pithy, pungent, eminently understandable, and mean to be applied to the field rather than the target range." -Field & Stream
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