Under Orion Vol.2


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We hunt for many reasons. Maybe the most cherished thing we get from hunting are the memories. Volume 2 of Under Orion is a collection of one hunter's memories, made while hunting from the hills of Appalachia where he was born, to the green hills of Africa. All are told in Richard Mann's simple campfire fashion.Adam Heggenstaller, the Editorial Director for Game & Fish Magazine probably best describes this second book in Richard Mann's Under Orion series, Lucky for us, Richard Mann likes to tell stories, and he has enough good ones to fill a second volume of Under Orion. He delivers them honestly and directly, and his words dont always paint a pretty picture. He doesnt shy from emotion. He admits his mistakes. He keeps it real. Readers may judge him, criticize his actions and disagree with his conclusions but no one can doubt his commitment to telling a story the way it happened. Richard has hunted around the world and has plenty of success stories to tell, but his choice to include in this book some of the times when things didnt go according to plan is the mark of a true hunter (and writer) confident in his experience.
Under Orion Vol.2
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