Blue Force Gear GRID Belt


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Mfg Part Number:4524017 Manufacturer: Blue Force Gear Model: BELT-GRID-01-34-CB Size:

The Blue Force Gear GRID™ Belt is based on a two-belt inner/outer belt system and features laser-cut MOLLEminus slots for attaching holsters and other gear. The GRID Belt is an excellent duty belt for most military, police, and law enforcement personnel. It is also an ideal choice for sports shooters, prepared citizens, or anyone looking for a “war belt” who doesn’t need a belt with load-rated capabilities.

The Blue Force Gear GRID Belt revolutionizes modern battle belt design. The GRID Belt incorporates all the load-carriage and design features from the popular Blue Force Gear CHLK™ Belt minus the specific load-rated capabilities required by helicopter assaulters. The result is a low-profile duty belt without unnecessary features that create additional weight and cost.  

Battle Belt Engineered for Comfort - Inspired by the changes leather belts undergo after they have been broken in from every day use, the GRID Belt features a 32-degree curve designed to mimic the contour of the human waist. The belt also features a subtle outward cant from top to bottom, resulting in a more comfortable fit at both the waist and the hips. This makes it far better suited for long-term wear than typical flat-profile battle belts. 

The GRID’s outer belt comes standard with a patent-pending glass-filled nylon buckle that is significantly more durable than a plastic SR buckle. The patented one-piece buckle uses the GRID Belt itself as the fitment point resulting in an extremely low profile, easy-to-use closure. Optional COBRA® Quick Release Buckle upgrade kits are available for the GRID Belt and can be purchased separately. 

BF GRID Belt 34"
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